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Electric Cars || The Future Of Automobiles.

As outrageous as it may sound, I have this conviction that in due time, Nigeria would achieve constant light. Although, this lighting problem can be a stumbling block towards this upgrade from petrol/diesel engines. Volvo recently made an announcement that it would only make fully electric or hybrid cars from 2019 onwards. It was just… Continue reading Electric Cars || The Future Of Automobiles.

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Car Conversation || 15 Questions With Ladi Bentley Of Supercars Of Nigeria.

I most say I'm lucky, he replied my first message almost immediately but getting the answers to the questions was a bit stressful but I understood he has been busy. I'm excited about this one for he's arguably the biggest car page in Nigeria - He's on google yunnoe πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ So it's basically a chat… Continue reading Car Conversation || 15 Questions With Ladi Bentley Of Supercars Of Nigeria.

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The GAC groupΒ 

GAC group ( officially Guangzhou Automobile Group Co. Ltd.)  is a chinese automobile maker headquartered in quangzhou, china and a subsidiary of guangzhou automobile group co.  Founded in 1997, GAC produces passenger cars, commercial vehicles, SUVs & buses under different brands and pulled off a whooping 728,000 vehicles in 2012,making them the tenth- largest output… Continue reading The GAC groupΒ 

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The Swiss Catwalk

 The Geneva Auto Show held in march in the swiss city of Geneva, is hosted at the Geneva palexpo and is a public exhibition of current automobile models, debuts, concept cars or out -of- production classics. It is attended by automotive industry representatives, dealers, auto journalists and car enthusiasts plus is organized by the International… Continue reading The Swiss Catwalk


Why Volkswagen Is Infamous?

Sounds like blasphemy right?   *smiles.  Stay close, I gat this.  One thing I've noticed since I started blogging is that bloggers are automatically placed in a position to make major statements about random stuffs which aren't always retractable. So I'm extra careful whenever I'm about to put out content.  Last week, my blog post… Continue reading Why Volkswagen Is Infamous?

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10 things on my bucket List.

It has been car related posts for about 3 months back to back and I just want to go off course on this one.  Here are 10 things I crave for and wish I experience before God sends my return ticket. *giggles.  1. Visit London.  My love for London is inestimable. I love it's gentlemanly… Continue reading 10 things on my bucket List.

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Car Review ; Volkwagen Amarok.Β 

This is me actually wanting to grow in precision and delivery with my car review articles for I'm a person with short attention span & I understand how frustrating it can be and wouldn't want to bore you.  Firstly, I'm barely an SUV fan not to mention a truck but on my way to school… Continue reading Car Review ; Volkwagen Amarok.Β