20 Random Facts About Me

There are actually more to me than this write up but these were the ones I could pick, ENJOY; 1. I love Football. From watching to playing, I'm game on this one. If you meet me around the a set of football fanatics, you would be surprised I talk like that. 2. I'm Sapiosexual. I'm… Continue reading 20 Random Facts About Me

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Car Review : Bentley Bentayga.

Bentley's first ever take on an SUV and it was a blast.The name was gotten from the rugged Bentayga volcanic peak in the subtropical Grand Canaria island in Spain. Some inspiration was also drawn from the β€œTaiga”, the world's largest transcontinental snow forest. Bentayga also means β€œcarried interest” in Swahili, designed by Luc Doncker Wolle,… Continue reading Car Review : Bentley Bentayga.

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Behind The Scenes|| Car Production

Ever wondered how a car is made, here's detailed analysis on the different stages of making a car from start to finish. Raw Materials. Although the bulk of an automobile is virgin steel, petroleum-based products (plastics and vinyls) have come to represent an increasingly large percentage of automotive components. Design. Introducing a new model of… Continue reading Behind The Scenes|| Car Production

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FAQ || Frequently Asked Questions.

Whenever I say I'm a auto writer, this is the first question I'm asked a lot of times you wan dey sell motor? and 90% of those times I do not answer because this just says a lot about their personality. I'm very sure that car dealers wouldn't go to the extent I go just… Continue reading FAQ || Frequently Asked Questions.