Words Associated With Cars 2

The thought just came around within the week to make this a series Words Associated With Cars, which is basically a medium to get acquainted with as much car terms as possible and in the simplest of words. I would be putting up this series once in two months. Here it goes; Grille; It covers… Continue reading Words Associated With Cars 2

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Interior Wish-list || For all of those out of the box thoughts.

I have always felt that car interiors are boring most especially the dashboard area and this feeling has been existing even before I started blogging, I remember I talked to someone about it back in secondary school - SS2 to be precise. I've always wished for more. I'm not a supercar kinda person because I… Continue reading Interior Wish-list || For all of those out of the box thoughts.

car stories

Car Review : Bentley Bentayga.

Bentley's first ever take on an SUV and it was a blast.The name was gotten from the rugged Bentayga volcanic peak in the subtropical Grand Canaria island in Spain. Some inspiration was also drawn from the “Taiga”, the world's largest transcontinental snow forest. Bentayga also means “carried interest” in Swahili, designed by Luc Doncker Wolle,… Continue reading Car Review : Bentley Bentayga.