Life Lately – Febraury

For me febraury was rough considering I just resumed school during the first week of febraury after about 4 months of strike infused holiday and it took some time for me to get back into the mix.

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Ford Flex Review.

Remember the full time Job I said earlier that I got myself ? Well it ran for 3 weeks and I'm done. Phewww! I was stressed. My last week there was super indulging, was barely active on IG and I felt like I was loosing myself. But I'm here now, although still trying to get my mojo back + I made cool cash from the Job *smiles. So the longest month in the year just ended after 90days and we're in the season of love, Shoutout to awon boo's & bae's, although I'm a bit rusty but it sure promises to be a good read.



SLS AMG is Mercedes Benz’s spiritual successor to the legendary 300SL in the early 50s, with its gullwing doors and its street racer credibility. Fast forward 60years into the future and Mercedes Benz finally unveiled its successor, the unorthodox SLS (Sports Light super) with so many similarities to the iconic 300SL.

Car Epistles

Window Tinting; Yay or Nay?

I have always wondered how people with tinted glasses cope at night because normal assumption, the light outside is dark, your tint is also dark so you aren't supposed to be seeing anything. Out of mere curiously and the constant signals in my head that this is a potential blogpost material *laughs, I did some research and the magic happened, Window tinting; Yay or nah?