2017 and our strive towards growth. 

At times we feel regret about decisions we’ve made, doubt our potential and on rare occasions cry ourselves to sleep. 

I know a lot of people are expecting a post on cars since CARtin is supposed to major on cars but this happened today. 

Someone questioned me on my blog’s mission statement,my consistency with posts and a lot of things in my life,I was angry at first why someone would degrade efforts I have put into becoming a better person.

I felt embarrassed,humiliated and pissed, at some point I felt like talking back and not listen to words he spoke but this quote from my brother kept echoing inside me.He would say,at some junctures in life you should SHUT UP and LISTEN.I guess without down times our success stories wouldn’t be as interesting.

I have learnt from my mistakes and implore my readers to do the same as they say”two heads deciding on a situation is better than one”

So,I decided to switch things up. 

Firstly,My blog is now a lifestyle blog where I would put up things about how I feel, how I relate with life, my values and basically me in words. 

The year is still early and it won’t be wrong to start correcting mistakes. 

I hope you’ll would still hang on to this cruise ship. 

Till my next post,STAY BLESSED. 


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