I Was Tempted And I Fell

Now I understand why people get loose cash and after spending can’t place their hands on something tangible the money was used for. 

So this morning, my brother transferred cash to me for me to buy two vintage shirts for him at a store.To be honest, I didnt plan on buying any other thing except the shirts and a wristwatch.

Acting in ignorance,I carried my wallet containing a lot of cash in my wallet. Getting to the store,I surfed for nice shirts and at the verge of paying,I saw this amazing kicks “REEBOK CL RUNNER”.


Reebok Cl runner

The real me tried to look away to avoid unnecessary expenses but I guess having excess cash on you is not the best shopping tip.

After much fighting with my spirit,I asked for the price.*it was reasonable, I come commot am for rack come test sneakers Ooo.

My brother’s and sister’s as the devil will have it,the sneakers fitted perfectly and as at that point,I was not thinking literally. I was carried away by the euphoria of ‘I can spare this cash’.

The wristwatch

After buying,while I was going to town,I felt total disappointment that I had so much bush money as my dad would say and didn’t save a dime.

In the midst of that,I was trying to convince myself that investing in kicks are good for they will last longer.As it is said experience is the best teacher.I have experienced and I want my readers to learn from my silly mistakes.

Here are some shopping tips to help spend within your budget.

1.Write a list of things you want to buy.

2.Take the exact cash for things on the list and a little more for miscellaneous.

3.Leave your ATM card at home.

4.Go shopping alone or else you may end up borrowing cash from your friend at the store.

5.Be extremely strict on your self to spend according to budget.

With these tips,I’m sure you won’t end up like me.

Till my next post,Keep growing.


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