Valentine’s Day Gift || Late But Expensive.

From childhood, I haven't really felt the importance of Valentine's Day. Maybe because I'm unromantic,unconventional and like my friends would say CRAZY. So since last week, love has been flooding the internet from quotes,to videos, to DM's on Instagram,but as a stubborn blogger 😁😁😁, I decided to write about Valentine in a different dimension. VALENTINE'S… Continue reading Valentine’s Day Gift || Late But Expensive.

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My Week Was Fringed.Β 

Your association they say tells on you overtime.I know this because working as a fashion assistant has begun to tell on me and it actually inspired this post.  So this week at work, it has been fringe trim all the way from Ankara off shoulder dresses to Ankara with Organza sleeves to Ankara with fringed… Continue reading My Week Was Fringed.Β 

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The Boys Behind The Computers. Part 2

One month since I started my blog and I'm already tired.  *literally.I was never aware of the magnitude of what I was getting into as at January 6th.  Who said blogging was easy Ooo *πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Anyways, Hurdles in between our hustle makes our story more interesting.So, a few weeks ago, I did my first car… Continue reading The Boys Behind The Computers. Part 2


The Lies We Were ToldΒ 

Whoop! whoop!! I'm literally dancing. Arghhh!!!   January is over Ooo,5 Sunday's, 5 Monday's, 5 Tuesday's. . I'm overly grateful to God that I got admitted on my first trial for I don't think I would have been able to handle the trauma.  Trust me, I have heard a lot of excruciating encounters from people.Broz,getting… Continue reading The Lies We Were ToldΒ