The Lies We Were Told 

Whoop! whoop!!

I’m literally dancing. Arghhh!!!   January is over Ooo,5 Sunday’s, 5 Monday’s, 5 Tuesday’s.


I’m overly grateful to God that I got admitted on my first trial for I don’t think I would have been able to handle the trauma. 

Trust me, I have heard a lot of excruciating encounters from people.Broz,getting admission ain’t easy people. 

Too much talk, I know just keep reading *winks. 

I graduated in 2015,was trying to get my groove back and prepare for my post utme exams until my neighbour suggested lectures to me.Thanks papi.

but juxtaposing my efforts with results I had I swear down it was undeserved,but during the transition phase, we were feed with lies. yes, LIES!!!… *Inserts smile. 

Safe to say we were being programmed to think that been educated happens only in school or graduating with a First Class is the best thing one can encounter.This may sound like blasphemy but it’s me been blunt for the most successful people barely finished college.I know you are shouting that Mark Zuckerberg dropped out of harvard.I know but look closely the most intelligent student from your secondary school or the best graduating student from your university, how did they end up?.

It’s not that they do not possess greatness but they were too stereotyped about the idea of school. Like my brother would say ‘nor carry school for head if not your neck go break’

I implore you to redefine education and greatness,change your perspective from having a pHD in mechanical engineering or working in an oil company to reading books, chasing your passion,developing your skill at, sharpening your character and being an adept Christian.For there’s no time for naivety, nor is there any one too young to be great or make his or her first million at age 20*legally Ooo not with computers.

From today make a conscious decision to break out from the viscous cycle of ignorance and strive for growth and greatness daily for there are no special people.

P:S-I used pictures of black students because I’m AFRICAN. #irepnaija. 

Till my next post, KEEP GROWING!!!


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