My Week Was Fringed. 

Your association they say tells on you overtime.I know this because working as a fashion assistant has begun to tell on me and it actually inspired this post. 

So this week at work, it has been fringe trim all the way from Ankara off shoulder dresses to Ankara with Organza sleeves to Ankara with fringed cold shoulders to mid-length skirts to jumpsuits. 

Sincerely,this post should have been ready earlier this week but I was reluctant to write about it and now some of the dresses have been delivered already. But don’t worry you’ll be excited you read.

FRINGE is an ornamental textile trim applied to an edge of a textile item. It originated as a way of preventing a cut piece of fabric from unraveling when a hemming is not used. 

LOOK  1.     

Ankara dress with organza sleeve and fringe trim

So the idea for this dress without the fringe came in 2016, we just pulled fringe trim to the look. Yes, It is Classy, Luxury and it’s ANKARA.


High low top with silver embellishment and a mid-length skirt with fringe trim

I’m super excited about this one,it took a lot of brainstorming and mind changing to get the style and it finally came out as planned.It’s a mid length skirt and a high low top with silver embellishments.

As of now,if I’m thinking or trying to sketch styles. *smiles. I always think of how to involve fringe and I dare say  ‘FRINGES  are the new embellishments’.

P:S-Check us on instagram:RENCEWILSON.We provide statement pieces, quality and luxury products to your wardrobe.✌

Till my next post,make a dress with fringe trimming. 


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