Valentine’s Day Gift || Late But Expensive.

From childhood, I haven’t really felt the importance of Valentine’s Day. Maybe because I’m unromantic,unconventional and like my friends would say CRAZY.

So since last week, love has been flooding the internet from quotes,to videos, to DM’s on Instagram,but as a stubborn blogger 😁😁😁, I decided to write about Valentine in a different dimension.


It’s an annual holiday celebrated on February 14.The day first became associated with romantic love before it evolved into an occasion in which lovers expressed their love for each other by presenting flowers

,offering confectionery

and sending greeting cards.

Now to the business of the day before somebody come and slap me for wasting their time😀😀😀. The reason why this post is not romantic as expected or not sounding mushy and stuff is because I haven’t really seen a better example of relationships expect marriage. Either it’s too stereotyped towards Godliness or it’s too worldly.

But sincerely, Love is supposed to happen when you have true feelings for someone not propelled by her having a big butt,huge cleavages ,aesthetics or him having a Range Rover Sport.

or a Mercedes Benz GLE 450

to be exact🙈🙈🙈 but accepting their flaws,being kind,sacrificial,honest,caring and sweet to each other.

If you live in Nigeria you’ll agree with me that majority of relationships not geared seriously towards marriage is just for the sex. My own view is “If I’m not benefiting any tangible thing apart from sex, then it’s too much a distraction”.No offense to those in relationships but I’m always bamboozled when I see people sacrifice their time, energy, emotions and life *Yes, your life (association is key) for sex.

Majority of young chaps haven’t still known the difference between LOVE and INFATUATION. A lot of relationships are just because of artistic impact and that’s why they don’t last long because overtime they wouldn’t be able to cope with each others character. If you’re still skeptical just take out time to think things out.

Remember that guy or girl you saw and was crushing on.Anytime you’re around him or her, you’re shy and can’t even do sh*t.I’m sure there were some you never had a chance to talk to.Okay,You see them now and is disgusted by their flaws. That’s Infatuation.

As from today, make a conscious decision to always let time have it’s way and if after two months, you’re still ‘MAD OVER HIM OR HER’ in Runtown’s voice,you still accept her flaws,isn’t irritated by their attitudes to a large extent then that’s LOVE.

If applied properly, you may find the ONE and will have a lover to celebrate next Valentine’s Day with.

Till my next post, share your thoughts on my perspective of Valentine.


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