While Car Prices Have Skyrocketed: 3 Ways to ensure longevity

In 2017, whoever buys a new car is either a G-boy(Nigerians should understand),a ponzi scheme owner or has wealthy parents thats to show how car prices have been inflated.As of now, maintaining your current vehicle makes more economic sense than purchasing a new one.

Here are 3 ways to help you rise above inflated prices:

  • REGULAR MAINTENANCE.     The best way to ensure a vehicle’s long life span is to observe regular service schedule.Keep up with fluid and filter changes, tire checks and other routine maintenance. Overtime, some car parts and components wear out or become damaged, so the best move is to replace long term damage issues.                                  
  • Heed Warning Signs.                Vehicles have a way of communicating trouble to its user. Always pay attention to the meters on the dashboard. Check engine light, indicates inspection of key vehicle systems as soon as possible. Pay attention to unusual vehicle sounds, Squealing(A high pitched sound), thumping (the sound of a dull impact), as they can indicate a problem.Even unusual smells are warning signs.  
  • KEEP IT CLEAN.                              Washing and waxing a vehicle on a regular basis protects it’s value.Even regular detailing. A thorough cleaning inside and out prevents the buildup of dirt and damaging chemicals that can harm the bodywork.

So if you see,hear or smell anything unusual be sure to have your vehicle inspected so you can address minor repairs before they become expensive repairs.           

Till my next post, ensure maintenance.                                  


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