NightTime Driving Worries || Do you want to see better at night? 

Unfortunately, my exams are starting next week and due to my addiction to my phone, I have decided to go offline until the exams are done, but not to worry, I would still be creating blog contents.

Night time driving is one of my moms many excuses of not staying out late and many a times it’s so frustrating because when we’re out with relatives we would always have to leave early.

Are you like my mom or you know someone who doesn’t enjoy driving like my mom once the sun has gone down? You’re not alone for a recent survey from sylvania automotive found that 62% of motorists avoid driving during evening hours. However,for many drivers avoidance is simply not realistic, you still need to get home from work, your children still need to get to and fro after school activities and plans must go on. So what to do? In order to increase visibility on the road and make you more comfortable when driving at night, it is essential that high performance headlights are installed on your vehicle.

The same survey found that 34% of drivers have never changed out their headlights.

When asked the question :’Do you want to see better when driving at night? -The answer is always yes.This is a no brainer -we all want to see better when given the option. Improving a vehicle’s headlights can help improve road visibility and increase chances of seeing objects sooner in the event of an accident or hazardous road condition. This is a simple maintenance check that drivers of all ages should prioritize when it comes to overall road safety.

While many focus on oil changes,brake pads and tire pressure checks,there’s one safety element that’s often overlooked but especially critical this time of the year is VEHICLE HEADLIGHT MAINTENANCE.

Headlights are an active safety item and are the first line of defense on a vehicle, if drivers cannot see objects on the road, they cannot react.If you can see it sooner,you can make a better decision.

47% of surveyed drivers said they would be likely to change their headlights if they knew it would improve the safety of loved ones and other passengers. Changing your headlights is usually a simple DIY fix that doesn’t require a mechanic and helps to keep you and your passengers safe when driving at night.You can watch vehicle specific videos about changing out your headlights on YouTube.

Till my next post.


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