Which Shoes ||A guide for men

On Monday, Eseosa (One of my biggest fan*laughs) posted on facebook, here’s a picture.

So he suggested a shoe post and I was uber excited to write about different after my 2weeks sabbatical leave from my social life. *smiles.

But first, something funny happened. After 7hrs and 2courses that day, I saw the post and with all sincerity, I didn’t understand the caption at first. *Awkward right.

Thanks to exams for distorting my IQ but praise God, my exams are over and I’ve got my life back.

So I have a few shoes: One leather & suede moccasin, vans, Reebok, simulation shoes and my yeezy boost 350 that may brother travelled with. *If I catch him ehhhn.

I’m totally in love with em brogues, Chelsea boots and em monk straps shoes but they are expensive and I haven’t laid hands on loose cash. *someone please sow into my life.

I think this is the longest intro since I started.

Osheyyy 💃💃 .We’re getting better.

So down to business, shoes are no doubt essentials in a man’s wardrobe,closet or rack. For me I’m observant to notice when you repeat shoes. So pray not to encounter someone like me when you do that.

So I’ll start with types (styles&toes including) ,colours that match and occasions for them.

  1. Chelsea Boots.

Versatile slip on boots with elastic side with plain rounded toe.

  • Occasions.

Fits in between the formal and smart casual look and can be worn to first dates *tag awon lovers, theatre or christening.


Think of them as your workhorse shoe. Perfect with everything from jeans and suits except formal occasions.

The word BROGUES means a strong Oxford shoes with ornamental perforations & wing tip.

Laying emphasis on the perforations. That’s what makes it a brogue. So you may see a normal Oxford shoe without perforations and can’t call it a brogue.

It’s toe varies from cap(straight Seam across toe) to wing tip(E-shaped seam) to rounded toes.

  • Functions.

It falls under smart casual, casual and business wear and can be worn for weddings, christening, first dates, theatre, funeral. *laughs.


A leather boot with side buckle fastening. It always comes with a rounded toe.

  • Functions.

It’s under categories smart casual, business wear &formal looks. It can be used for outings like weddings, christening, first dates, theatre &races (horse racing events Ooo) *laughs.


Open laced with Five eyelets.

  • Function.

A formal look. Always rounded or cap toe and made of leather.


This is the last but certainly not the least. No matter the kind of job you do from White collar to brown collar to no collar to T-shirts to no shirt job, if you don’t have one,you’re missing.

From adidas Ultra boosts

That goes perfectly with a casual outfit & is great for functional activities like an outdoor run or gym.


Converse Chuck Taylor II All star.

Converse II

Perfect for casual looks to show off your fun and playful side.


Adidas Stan Smith & Superstar.

Stan smith
Adidas Superstar

Are a staple white sneaker. If you don’t want to pay a premium for the common projects but want the Same great aesthetics. Go for these.


Yeezy Boost 350.

The whole world goes crazy anytime these shoes release. If you’re more into streetwise side of fashion, go for these.

  • Colours

Co-ordinate colours confidently will help from our shoe colour wheel.

Till my next post.


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