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Cars That Davido`s 30 billon can buy.

IF by Davido is unarguably blown across the continent Africa and for me, I feel it`s that money line that made it more wavey. “30 BILLION FOR THE ACCOUNT”

I got inspiration for this post at work on Friday, funny enough I wasn’t listening to the song at the time. *talk about bespoke inspo. *smiles.

After the inspiration, I felt the post was going to be game, but later figured that 3billion whether Naira or Dollar is a lot of money Ooo. If I start to list cars that that money can buy, we would not leave here at all. So I plan to merge them into groups consisting 30 cars of the same product;

   1.The 2016 Ford Explorer.


It`s a full size sport utility vehicle produced by the American manufacturer FORD since 1990. It possesses amazing fog lamps for better frontal view, restyled LED tail lamps & dual exhaust outlets.

The car ranges from 28 million naira × 30 = 840 million naira.

2. Mercedes Benz GLE Coupe.

gle coupe

The Mercedes Benz GLE Coupe is the coupe version of the GLE wagon sharing it`s mechanicals and interior but has a completely unique body.

It`s price range is around 25million naira × 30 = 730 million naira.

3. Range Rover Autobiography.


It`s a full size SUV, with 8 speed automatic transmission. It costs about 50million naira ×30=1.4 billion.

4. Lexus LX 570.

lexus lx 570

With the 2016 Lexus Lx 570, you can get a whisper quiet interior that can seat up to eight, along with the ability to tow a trailer or tackle a back-country trail.

It`s priced at 35million naira × 30 = 1 billion naira.

5. BMW X6.

bmw x6

Priced at 23 million naira × 30 =670 million.

Oboi, with the look of things eh, I think I now why he calls himself OBO. The money looks it would not finish. After rating 150 pieces of amazing cars, I could only spend 5 billion *literally. of the 30 billion.

The only feasible way to finish that money on cars is if you buy super cars or something, the likes of Porsche Panamera, Aston Martin vintage, RollsRoyce, Maybach, Lamborghini and Ferrari`s them.

At this juncture, I rest my case. DAVIDO IS RICH.

Till my next post.


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