Basic Tyre Maintenance 

Tyres are the only thing between the driver and the road. When they are properly inflated and in good condition, the handling, stability and safety of the vehicle will be maximized. Conversely, when the tyres are under inflated, worn out or damaged, all of the safety systems on the vehicle cannot overcome the loss of control that comes with a blow-out or hydroplaning situation. Air pressure in a tyre is like oil in an engine, when it is low, the resulting internal damage is unseen until it is too late. Tyres naturally lose 1-2 psi (ground pressure) per month, so ongoing neglect will eventually result in a tyre that cannot support the weight of the vehicle and the occupants. When this happens, the resulting blow-out can result in the loss of control and an accident. 

It is important to rotate the tyres on your vehicle every 5-7000 miles. Today’s front wheel drive vehicles cause the steer tyres to wear at a much faster rate than the tyres on the rear axle. By periodically rotating the front tyres to the back and the back tyres to the front, motorists can achieve even treadwear on all four tyres and increase the mileage and performance. Failing to rotate the tyres often results in the front tyres wearing out faster while the rest tires develop irregular treadwear patterns that cause vibrations. The same can be said for alignments, when the vehicle is not properly aligned, the tyres will wear out faster which leads to increased operating costs. 

Finally, drivers should perform a visual inspection of their tyres on a regular basis, especially after hitting  a pothole, curb or any type of road debris, Bulges, cuts and other visible damage which  weakens the internal components of the tyre and can lead to a blow out. Regular visual inspections will often identify any potential problems before they result in an accident. It’s also a good idea to have the tyres inspected by a professional before any long road trips to ensure there are no obvious out of service conditions that must be addressed. 

Till my next post. Avoid accidents


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