My Car Memoirs 

For people like me that do not have personal cars and live in an unubered state, it’s always a struggle for we encounter hilarious scenes on rickety commercial vehicles everyday. 

So over the years, I have had my fair share and want to let you guys in for we might have experienced it.

Firstly, I’m not fat and times when plus size people board buses, they always act like its alright to pay for just one seat while people like me of small stature are left in discomfort and their frequent excuses are “sorry my dear or please you people should adjust”.On a real Sha, I’m pissed 90% of the time. 

Secondly, This can make me go from 0-100 in seconds for it’s extremely annoying. 

Why are nursing mothers always lousy with their child, it’s either they are stepping on me or hitting me or crying unnecessarily and they feel everyone is cool with it by holding unto the phrase “They are children, they don’t know what they are doing”. Please hold your children Ooo, I will pinch hell outta them. 

As much as they sound petty, I really feel a need for a change in character. 

This last experience is rooted down to massive mediocrity usually common with advanced people. No offense the. 

At first, I gave the benefit of doubt but it kept reoccurring, for advanced people always result to comparing age whenever they aren’t on the same plane with people and they go “I’m not your mate Oo”. In my opinion, resulting to that phrase signifies weakness for you can’t engross the person in a proper what and  why conversation.

These are the few I could deal with in order not to bore you but please do feel free to comment about  personal experiences you’ve had. 

Till my next post. 


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