DIY || Changing A Flat Tyre

My first DIY. *Yaaahh. I’m super excited.

It’s pretty easy to get a grip on. I didn’t even learn it, I just followed instincts and was able to change a flat. But for ladies and a few guys who get stranded at a dead end, this is just what you need.


  • Park away from traffic and on a flat surface.
  • Use your hazard lights & other warning devices as required by your local road code e.g Emergency warning triangle to ensure that you’re seen by oncoming traffic especially at night.
  • Find the spare tyre & Jack. They are usually located in the trunk.
  • Line the jack up properly to make sure it’s in the right place to avoid preventing damage to your car. Check your manual if you’re not sure where it should go.
  • Begin to jack the car up while keeping pressure on the ground by wedging the other tyres with stones.
  • Finish jacking the car up so that you can slip the tyre off easily. Make sure the jack is stable.
  • Turn the lugnuts anticlockwise to loosen them using the lug wrench.
  • Put on the spare tyre and place the lug nuts in the correct positions.
  • Tighten the lug nuts a little with your tyre wrench, this time turning clockwise.
  • Lower the jack carefully until the car is back on all four wheels and take off the wedges.
  • Stop and check that the lug nuts are still after driving for a few miles.

I hope this comes in handy when you need it the most.

Happy Democracy Day People.

Till my next post.


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