10 things on my bucket List.

It has been car related posts for about 3 months back to back and I just want to go off course on this one. 

Here are 10 things I crave for and wish I experience before God sends my return ticket. *giggles. 

1. Visit London. 

My love for London is inestimable. I love it’s gentlemanly feel compared to america’s ganstar life. They wear simple luxury that’s what I call it. It can pass for ‘SIMPUXURIOUS’. Sounds awkward right?. 

Would love to visit the outlets of Gap, Marks & Spencer and Next. Their designs are deep. 

2. Learn how to drive a car. 

Suprised! But my mother always comes up with excuses whenever there’s a chance for me to drive. God please touch her heart. 

3. Have a British Accent. 

This is the big one for me. After I learn it ehnn, I can die peacefully. I lurrrh the british accent. 😭😭

4. Flyboarding. 

As much as people claim skydiving is their peak sport, I loveeee flyboarding. It’s super cool and fun. 

5. Skydiving. 

Just for the fun of it, no strings attached. And a before and after picture sha. During is not an option. 

6. Marry a Fine Girl. 


There is one kind of non-existing countdown in my head. I can’t wait for the day I’d wed. But here are first two things that I look out for in a girl; Bowlegs & Fair Complexion. I’m not racist buh bruv, I just admire fair people. Feel free to slide into my DM. *smiles. 

7. Drive a Land Rover lr4 and This Honda Accord. 

For no reason in particular, I just want to have a feel of these cars. 

8. Have a matte BMW. 

This is my dream car, super cool. It’s all in one. Amazing details accompanied with sportiness and energy. The best part for me is the sound after a rev. Urghhh!  Godd!. 

9. Grow like maleek berry’s hair. 

My friends know that my hair is more stuborn than me. I would literally use like a year to get to this stage. Feel free to suggest things for me. 


I like it’s roughness, showing off crazy skills on majorly dessert land is game. 

Till my next post. 

Enjoy life. 


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