Why Volkswagen Is Infamous?

Sounds like blasphemy right?   *smiles. 

Stay close, I gat this. 

One thing I’ve noticed since I started blogging is that bloggers are automatically placed in a position to make major statements about random stuffs which aren’t always retractable. So I’m extra careful whenever I’m about to put out content. 

Last week, my blog post was a car review : Volkswagen Amarok. Click the link in case you missed it and some comments surfaced. In their exact words “Their subsidiaries are top notch but they themselves stuggle for almost everything”.

Volkswagen is German for people’s car and this keeps me bewildered why it’s lagging behind in the market. Volkswagen Group, as a unit is currently Europe’s largest automaker and are aiming to become the world’s largest car maker by 2018.According to statistics, global sales has increased by about 90% within the space of 10 years but here are a few reasons I could dig out is the cause of it’s awareness. 

The Market Is Crowded. 

A major factor for Volkswagen’s slipping sales is a marketplace that is more crowded with competitors. A decade ago, VW’s mass market products only had to contend with challengers from the major japanese manufacturers and a couple of dosmetic products. 

VW’s comes at a cost. 

In the volkswagen group family, VW’s role is to build mainstream, mass-market transportation while its luxury oriented subsidiaries like Audi and Bentley build higher priced, fancier models. Even though VW sees itself as a rival for the toyotas and Fords of the world, that’s not how it’s working out for the brand at the dealership. As a result, the brand’s price point is near the top in many of the segments in which it competes. 

Not Eco Friendly. 

In 2016,volkswagen were once sued for having found that their ‘clear diesel vehicles’ were less environmental friendly than advertised. In between there has been random complaints about it’s powertrain reliability issues and expensive maintenance. 

I guess this explains why we barely come across volkwagen in Nigeria even with amazing products they have in store. This just says a lot about businesses. 

Till my next post. 

Happy New Month. 


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