Words Associated With Cars

Back in secondary school, we usually did this in English Classes were we use our textbooks to engage in vocabulary development on different stuff ranging from Finance to Building to Planes to Nutrition. Yeah right!  I must mention food. This thought came right on time because I’m at the dining table, just finished eating boiled corn and a slice of bread.*raising eyebrow. Weird Right? 

So I thought about doing vocabulary development on cars, 20 things associated with cars. 

  1. DRLs (Daytime Running Lamps) ; An automotive device at the front of a vehicle that automatically switches on when the car is moving forward. 
  2. Bucket Seat;A seat contoured to hold one person, usually different from the normal seats. Are usually standard in racing cars. 
  3. Blind Spot Monitor.; A vehicle based sensor device that detects other cars located at the driver’s side or rear side. Warnings can be visual, vibrational or audible. 
  4. SRS Airbag (Supplementary Restraint System);A safety device that pulls back  a passenger whenever the car makes contact with a hard surface. 
  5. Odometer;A meter  system located on the on the instrument panel for calculating distance travelled. 
  6. Idiot Lights; An indicator that  informs about the status or malfunction of a system within a motor vehicle. It consists of a light bulb which lights up a symbol or text. 
  7. 5 door Sedan; The fifth door is the huge space in the trunk. i.e 4 doors + a huge luggage space. 
  8. Car detailing ;Involves cleaning  & reconditioning the interior & exterior of a car. The aim of this is to restore it’s paintwork by eliminating scratches. 
  9. SpoilerAn  automotive aerodynamic device whose design is to spoil unfavourable air movement across a door of a vehicle in motion. 
  10. V8 engine;An engine with 8 cylinders in 2 sets of four with all eight pistons driving a common crankshaft. It has poor fuel economy, it’s larger & more expensive. 
  11. Gullwing doors;Are doors  hinged at the top and are opened upwards. 
  12. Scissor doors;Hinged  close to the front tyres but opened vertically upwards. 
  13. Automotive; Autos  – A greek word meaning self.            Motivus – A latin word meaning In motion.                                       
  14. Fog Lamps;Lamps  located on the front bumper usually for mist (small droplets of water). 
  15. Glove Box;An  opening in front of the passenger’s seat for keeping gloves. 
  16. Tachometer;A  meter device for calculating revolutions per minute. 
  17. Spark Plugs;Used  in petrol engines to ignite the petrol and air mixture to drive the car. 
  18. Convertible; A  2 door car with a foldable or removable roof. 
  19. Turbo; A  device which uses the exhaust gases to drive a turbine which forces more air into the combustion chamber. 
  20. ABS ( Anti lock Braking System);A  system designed to prevent skidding especially in wet conditions. 

These words are the ones you barely hear but they exist and the purpose of this post is to make you look smart whenever you mention them around your guys. 

Till my next post. 



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