Cars From Nollywood. 

Before the big switch from the years of olu jacobs and he’s outstanding acting skills to chiwetalu agu and he’s predominant use of slangs in those boring films we had no alternatives to, to new nollywood movies that was spearheaded by the likes of IK Ogbonna and Alex Ekubo to the cinema kind off movies.

In context,we must have seen some cars a tad too many times in those films we were exposed and barely paid attention to. 

So here’s are pictures of those cars. 

1. Honda Accord. (End of discussion). 

I personally remember this one from one film that van vicker acted as a prince. They usually write Prince on the  number plates. *laughs

2. Honda Element. 

You remember Johnbull and Rosekate acted by Nkwa and Kate Henshaw respectively. This was the car he used to disturb that convent. This is a classic for me. 

3. Hummer Jeep. 

From those their cult films that after the rituals they will now come in a convoy.

Hummer One! 

Hummer Two!! 

Hummer Three!!! 

Haaaa!  I can’t believe we fell for this shit. 

4.Nissan Murano. 

It’s this one that Jim Iyke and Nonso Diobi used to disturb all those unilag girls with their obsolete swag,cigarette and loud music. 

*giggles aloud. 

5. Limousine. 

Kanayo O. Kanayo was the legit  KING of those  cult films. Mehn that man deseveres a trophy, with those bodyguards and their straight faces and the convoy and those crazy ass soundtracks. Part 1 – 6.

*Rotfl……. Thank God for saving us. 

Just a bit of a stroll down memory lane and if you can’t relate with this. Then Nigeria is not your origin, go to Angola. 

Till my next post. 


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