The GAC group || The Chinese Rookies

GAC group ( officially Guangzhou Automobile Group Co. Ltd.) is a chinese automobile maker headquartered in quangzhou, china and a subsidiary of guangzhou automobile group co.

Founded in 1997, GAC produces passenger cars, commercial vehicles, SUVs & buses under different brands and pulled off a whooping 728,000 vehicles in 2012,making them the tenth- largest output of any chinese automaker in that year.

They are currently known for their Honda-branded auto producing joint venture with this japanese automaker, but the company has a total of five foreign partners – more than most chinese automakers. These partnerships allow it to produce branded products for sale in china. These brands include FIAT and so on.

The first time I saw or heard about GAC was through AMVCA 2016 where Lala Akindoju won the trailblazer award and was given a GAC SUV as a gift. But the most revealing encounter I had was a pack of cards with different snapshots of their products that my brother got from an event they sponsored in 2016.

Lala Akindoju
Somkele Idhalama
The pack of cards

Major Reasons why I’m writing the post is; I like Somkele – she is fine *covers eye, I saw the trumpchi GS5 which I also liked and I appreciate the fact that they’re new and already making tangible progress.


  • In 2010, shareholders of Denway motors approved its privatization by GAC.
  • In same 2010, GAC purchased 51% ownership of GONOW (one of their foreign partners) a midsize chinese automaker of sport utility vehicles, subcompacts and pickup trucks.
  • In December 2010, GAC launched the new trumpchi marque.
  • In early 2012, the company was listed on the shanghai stock exchange.

Subsidiaries And Divisions.

Changfeng Motor.

In 2009, GAC owned 29% ownership of this SUV maker, a purchase supposedly imposed by the chinese state as a condition of a then upcoming joint venture with FIAT. GAC completed its acquistion of changfeng in 2011.


Is a chinese manufacturer of commercial vehicles and SUVs headquartered in Taizhou, Zhejiang and a subsidiary of GAC group. It markets its products under the brand name GAC Gonow in china and as Gonow in other markets.


Is an automotive marque owned by GAC group which was launched in december 2010. The following trumpchi vehicles are currently available in china:

  • Trumpchi GA3/GA3s, a four door compact saloon.
  • Trumpchi GA5, a four – door compact saloon.
  • Trumpchi GA6, a four – door full size saloon.
  • Trumpchi GS4, a five door sport utility vehicle.
  • Trumpchi GS5, a five door sport utility vehicle.
  • Trumpchi GS7, also a five door suv.
Trumpchi GS7
Trumpchi GS7

I think they have done well for themselves in 20 years considering how fast other brands produce quality & bad ass tech vehicles.

Please do well to share and subscribe. Till my next post.

Happy August!


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