Car Conversation || 15 Questions With Ladi Bentley Of Supercars Of Nigeria.

I most say I’m lucky, he replied my first message almost immediately but getting the answers to the questions was a bit stressful but I understood he has been busy.

I’m excited about this one for he’s arguably the biggest car page in Nigeria – He’s on google yunnoe 😀😀

So it’s basically a chat session with Ladi Bentley, talking about he’s brand, the journey and of course cars.

So here’s is it;

1. A little about your brand.

Our brand is called Supercars Of Nigeria, the aim is to showcase the types of luxury cars we have in Nigeria and a few that’s for sale, and the was derived from the page of our brother in London, Super cars of London.

2. You’ve been doing this for over 3 years. That’s huge commitment. My first question is what caused the SPARK, that made you say okay this is what I’m going to do.

Yes I have been doing it for a while, hmm, what caused the spark, I’ve always been a car lover, before IG came, I realized I take pictures of Supercars I see on the road and do nothing with it, I used to have a personal page on IG, but I don’t upload anything, the day I wanted to delete it, something just came to my mind “instead if deleting it, why not change the name and start uploading the pictures if cars I have taken in the past, thats it.

3. How have you been dealing with commitment. That thing that makes you wake up everyday and still put up pictures?

Our contributors keep us going, they send in cars, so we have to post, lol

4. You have massive followership. 80k followers to be precise. Whats the feeling like 😀

Lol, honestly I don’t feel anyhow, I still fell like my normal self.

5. If I may ask, what’s the Long term goal for the ‘Supercars of nigeria’ brand.

To become the number 1 car page in Nigeria that car brands will want to associate with.

6. Is this car thing like a Job or something you do by the side.

It’s an aside thing, but it gives me money through adverts and car sales, we’re going into it full time, keep your fingers crossed, we have lots of ideas.

7. 3years in the industry, If there is something you were given permission to change what would it be?

Honestly there’s nothing, maybe it would have been to have started a little earlier.

8.There are barely pictures of you on the page. That’s pure professionalism. How do you cope with that.

Hahahaha, I’m not really a picture person and I’m not fine, lol…… and errm, I live a boring life, so nothing to show.

9.How do you get all the pictures you put up on the page?

80 percent are taken by me, and I have loyal car spotters out there, they share spots via DM and whatsapp.

10. I’m aware you get pictures through DM’s. Do you post every picture that is sent to you. And how’s your phone gallery like? 😀

Yes I try as much as possible to post all, but mehn, they’re too much, some people even feel bad that I don’t post their pictures. As for gallery, I have like 7k whatsapp images, 22k screenshots, 4k camera images etc, too many pictures.

11.Without cash restrictions which car would you go for?

For now, I’ll go for a G63amg, lol

12.What’s the most underrated car you know?

The Lexus LFA.

13.What’s the most terrible car you’ve seen?

I’d say a Lotus Elise, lol…. I saw it once at TBS, during the Grills2Grills car event.

14.Which persons timeline do you check up on everyday and is continually WOW’ed as regards Cars?

Lol, I don’t really check anyone’s page o, I’m concentrating on growing mine.

15. Lastly, tell us a bit about the feature on Guardian Life. Yayyy! That’s a huge one yunnoe.

Hahahaha, the beautiful lady just sent me and email saying she has been going through my page for a while and would like to do an interview with me, I was really excited, it means I am recognized.

I hope you enjoyed this session as much as I did.

You can get in touch with ladi bentley on instagram @supercarsofnigeria

Till my next post.

Stay Happy

Till my next post.


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