Electric Cars || The Future Of Automobiles.

As outrageous as it may sound, I have this conviction that in due time, Nigeria would achieve constant light. Although, this lighting problem can be a stumbling block towards this upgrade from petrol/diesel engines.

Volvo recently made an announcement that it would only make fully electric or hybrid cars from 2019 onwards. It was just a day after this announcement that France made a statement that by 2040, there would be a ban on the sales of petrol and diesel cars under Emmanuel Macron’s government.

A decision hailed as the beginning of the end for the internal combustion engine’s dominance of motor transport after more than a century due to health threat posed by poor air quality.

As herculean as it may sound, France believe that their carmakers are well equipped to make the switch and due to our ability as humans to adapt to almost any situation using the transition from Qwerty Keyboard phones to Android & iOS phones as a yardstick, it is achievable.

An electric car is an automobile that is propelled by one or more electric motors using electrical energy stored in rechargeable batteries.

So here are answers to doubtful thoughts that you may have about electric cars;

How to charge an electric car.

Nissan Europe are already envisaging charging points being ubiquitous at workplaces, shopping centres, railway stations, hotels, cinemas and even street lamps. For longer journeys, rapid chargers that can recharge a car’s battery in 30minutes will increasingly proliferate across motorway service stations and at conventional refuelling stations.

Battery Life.

Most mass market electric cars today have a range of 100-150 miles before the battery runs flat. Some of the top-end cars, such as Tesla’s electric sports cars can run for 334 miles before needing a plug socket. Of course, some people will need to go further and that’s where plug in hybrids come in,using a petrol engine to run an electric motor after the battery runs out.

Battery Longevity.

Makers of electric cars sell their models with a warranty for the battery, which will lose capacity overtime. But you would eventually have to buy a new battery depending on the model & mileage.

Will my diesel car lose value.

Probably, Yes. One car-buying website says bad headlines for diesels are causing prices to fall faster in value than before.

Juxtaposing the features of both cars, the Electric car is a blinding glimpse of the obvious. Less combustion, less cash on electricity & an amazing upgrade for the automotive industry.

Till my next post.


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