CARS || An Asset or A Liability

My brother always says that a car is a liability but considering the stress of always taking public buses, I don’t care. If you can afford to make your life easier, why waste time.

So it was one of these random yahoo boy argument we were having and out of the blue, my mom started complaining about how much she spent on her car the week before and from there my oversabi brother just switched up the conversation into a very serious one *he always does that. And started talking about the pros and Con’s of a car and all that stuff.

Your car is a unique type of asset because unlike other assets your car is a depreciating asset. Over time, your car will lose value, starting from the moment you drive it off the lot.

But in details I would like for us to weigh this statement.


An Elevated Life; You don’t have to walk anymore, no more by force exercise. *smiles.

• Comfort at its peek.

Freedom Of Movement; When you don’t have a car, you can’t randomly come out of your house by 1am. Maybe not in Lagos,At least in Edo State, Nigeria

During rainy season ; You are saved from getting wet, your routine is still in tact and you barely need an umbrella when going out.

BolaGUY; You don get rep already to collect almost any babe you see. Emphasis on ALMOST *Covers eyes

•Increased Safety; In this case you’re aware that your life is at stake, so you can’t be foolish


Cost Of Petrol; It actually cost more to buy fuel than paying commercial fares.

Responsibility; You now have a huge responsibility on your shoulders. From regular washing to servicing.

No Revenue; It doesn’t bring in money for you.

Extra Expenses; You spend money on repair compared to public buses, you just step out and look for another bus but no more running.*laughs.

Insurance; This is an even huger responsibility than taking car of the car.

So if you can’t deal with all these, you can either buy a bike like @funfereoroye or become friends with @Uber or @taxify.

Till my next post.


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