FAQ || Frequently Asked Questions.

Whenever I say I’m a auto writer, this is the first question I’m asked a lot of times you wan dey sell motor? and 90% of those times I do not answer because this just says a lot about their personality. I’m very sure that car dealers wouldn’t go to the extent I go just to know more about cars. So, I’m always confused wondering.

Even if you aren’t aware in detail what it entails, at least there’s a difference in title.

Car Dealer <——> Car Blogger

With the Internet at our fingertips, the old ritual of test driving a few car models doesn’t pass for a fully informed purchasing decision. Automotive enthusiast have exhaustively mined niche topics, from engine repair and auto aftermarkets to vintage motorcycles and the burgeoning eco-friendly scene, resulting in a treasure trove of valuable information for casual consumers and motor junkies alike.

Yes there are a few car enthusiasts in Nigeria, but I’m sure you can’t name 5 car bloggers for a huge chunk of bloggers are into fashion or lifestyle.

Here’s the role I play on a long run, I act as a car maven, like an encyclopedia that provides my readers with information that they would rarely be interested and in the most simple way that even a non conformist to blogging can still relate with.

I get tired of this always reoccurring and had to address it.

Its short but effective.

Till my next post.


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