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2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat

In context of the word POWER, the SRT Hellcat is the best metaphor that comes to mind paired with it’s 707horsepower producing 6.2L supercharged V8 engine & it’s electric power steering which delivers outstanding agility and handling along with open – throttle power, no doubt this is the best option for any drag race in the world, except for it’s successor (SRT demon that produces a whooping 808horsepower and the jeep trackhawk that hits 60km/h in 3.5 seconds).

Monstrous machines deserve aggressive titles and identities which dodge delivered with its fierce Hellcat emblem. The ‘Hellcat’ as dodge uses it, derives from the American Grumman F6F Hellcat fighter aircraft of world war || ; it’s functional as our Navy’s main fighter in the second half of the pacific war. Dodge has a history of repurposing military terms for it’s vehicles so this comes as no surprise.

According to the Merriam – Webster Dictionary, a hellcat is a 1.) Witch or a 2.) violently temperamental person. It originated around 1600 by combining the component terms ‘hell’ and ‘cat’. So yes, that is one mean lady you’re driving. An appropriate title considering how bitchin’ that ride is.

‘It just fits the car. It fits the engine and the sound of it’, Once stated director of dodge and SRT Richard Cox.


Engine –——————————6.2L supercharged V8 engine.

Power ———————————707 Horsepower.

Transmission ————————8 speed Automatic transmission.

0-60 km/h ——————————3.6 seconds.

Top Speed —————————— 320-325 km/h.

Drivetrain —————————— All Wheel Drive.

Engine Placement ——————— Front.

Curb Weight —————————4579Lbs.

Seating ———————————– 2+3

MPG ————————————– 19/30 City/Highways.

Rated as the fastest muscle car as at the time, it could and can only be stopped by the 15.4 inch Brembo braking system that brings the hellcat from 0-69 km/h in 109.0ft.


Besides it’s gloss interior accents, the hellcat also comes with ventilated seating that’s sure to keep you cool during every driving experience.

It also featured a leather wrapped wheel, keyless entry, push to start engine & a 7inch reconfigurable driver information digital cluster display with amazing interactive features from Air fuel ratio to intake Air Temp.


One super cool fact I came across during my research was that the inner driver’s side headlight is hollowed out and used as an air intake hole to funnel air into the engine.

We haven’t even considered it’s satin black filler door, not even its black top stripes nor its black grille with the challenger blacktop badge nor it’s 20 inch Gloss black aluminium wheels.

It even has variable value timing that helps improve fuel efficiency and performance.

Ionno about you, but I can tell you for a fact & for free that this muscle car, fuel efficient and it’s an american brand.

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