20 Random Facts About Me

There are actually more to me than this write up but these were the ones I could pick, ENJOY;

1. I love Football.

From watching to playing, I’m game on this one. If you meet me around the a set of football fanatics, you would be surprised I talk like that.

2. I’m Sapiosexual.

I’m easily attached to any form of information or person that I find interesting. At times, I feel like I’m one detective in New york because I having a way of putting random information together to deduce what you wouldn’t think of normally, especially with pop culture.

3. I drink Garri a lot.

Yes, I’m the best & most frequent garri drinker in my house *if there’s a word like that. I legit can wake up by 2am & drink garri out of the blue. There are even days I drink garri like 4 times. It’s that bad.

4. I observe the weirdest of things.

I actually feel like I’m one crazy guy, I swear. Like I’ve noticed that the padlock leading to our backyard can be opened some kind of way with the padlock itself intact.

5. I’m selectively responsive.

I don’t like calling it lazy, rather selective responsive. I do it when I feel ready. There’s a cup I used to drink water a few days ago, it’s still on the floor close to the chair I sat and nobody in my house will help out. They know me already.

6. I’m an alleged glutton.

I’s surprising sha because if you juxtapose my eating rate & quantity, I’m not supposed to be this slim. At least logically.

7. My hair is fvcked.

I’ve a lot of hair creams to no avail, seems the people in my village have a really strong firewall. *looks away.

8. I love shorts.

If you see me 3 times in a week, I will be wearing a short one of those three times.

9. I can Sew.

I started learning back in secondary school say 5 years ago but during holidays tho.

10. I dress according to my mood.

I’m very picky when it comes to things I wear. There’s no magic about it, I can’t like what I hate. Even my brother knows that there’s a particular shirt collar I wear, any other thing is a no brainer.

11. Goofy AF.

To some set of people, I’m quite & laid back.

To another set, I’m an hilarious guy.

To my real OG’s, I’m stupid too playful.

To Family, Martin does not have sense.

12. I have a nickname.

This name is only exclusive to my real people. It’s Meme pronounced M-air M-air.

13. I don’t play with my Sundays.

This is my best day of the week, you can’t even take it away from me except you have a better offer. It’s my time to chill and reset for the following week.

14. I don’t know how to drive.

Kudos to my mum for depriving me this privilege. Lemi not just rant sha.

15. I’m an Esan Boy.

Full blooded. My Dad & Mum are Esan people. Mind you the cutest of guys are from there. *tongues owt.

16. I have two Brothers.

Amazing guys, different vibes but I love em both.

17.I’m a physics Student.

I sincerely do not know what has been happening in my department since 100lvl but I’n sha in 300level. I basically attend classes, do assignments, take tests & write exams that’s all.

18. I hate Butter.

There’s no juju that would make me change my mind on butter. Even if it means me starving, I don’t mind.

19. I love Groundnut.

I have actually finished one bottle the size of a red wine bottle in one day all by myself.

20. I’m an Auto Writer.

You already know this sha. I write about cars to the best of my abilities just the bridge the glitch between Nigerians & Proper Car information.


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