Words Associated With Cars 3

The year isn’t yet saturated + there’s no need to be unnecessarily deep this early in the year.

Light Contents will do the trick, So here’s a continuation of the series ‘Words Associated 3’.

1. Throttle.

An engine’s power can be increased or decreased by the restriction of inlet gases (i.e by the use of a throttle), but usually decreased. The term throttle has come to refer, informally and incorrectly, to any mechanism by which the power or speed of an engine is regulated, such as a car’s accelerator pedal.

2. Winter Tires.

Snow tires—also called winter tires—are tires designed for use on snow and ice. Snow tires have a tread design with bigger gaps than those on summer tires, increasing traction on snow and ice.

3. Wheelbase.

In both road and rail vehicles, the wheelbase is the distance between the centers of the front and rear wheels. For road vehicles with more than two axles (e.g. some trucks), the wheelbase is defined as the distance between the steering (front) axle and the center point of the driving axle group.

4. Kerb Weight.

Is the total weight of a vehicle with standard equipment, all necessary operating consumables such as motor oil, transmission oil, coolant, air conditioning refrigerant, and sometimes a full tank of fuel, while not loaded with either passengers or cargo.

5. Ambient Lighting.

Ambient lighting is the soft illumination around the center console, door handles and pulls, cupholders and sometimes completely across the dash and in the footwells.

6. Nismo.

Abbreviated from Nissan Motorsport International Limited is the in-house tuning, motorsports and performance division of Nissan.

7.Puddle Lights.

When you unlock or open your door the puddle lights illuminate the ground by your vehicle to warn you of a puddle you might inadvertently step in.

8. Traction Control System.

A traction control system (TCS), also known as ASR, is typically (but not necessarily) a secondary function of the electronic stability control (ESC) on production motor vehicles, designed to prevent loss of traction of driven road wheels.

9. Brake Rotors.

Brake rotor is a round flat piece of steel attached to a rod that is held in place on the inside of the wheel. On either side of the rotor are brake pads. When you apply the brake pedal on the inside of the car, the pads compress around the rotor, slowing or stopping the vehicle.

10. Plug In Electric Vehicle (PHEV).

A plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) is a hybrid electric vehicle that uses rechargeable batteries, or another energy storage device, that can be recharged by plugging it in to an external source of electric power as well as an onboard internal combustion engine and generator.

11. Racing Stripes.

Racing stripes, also called Le Mans stripes, were applied to racecars to help identify them in the field during races.

12. Cut and Shut Car.

Cut and shuts are usually joined at the top of the rear windscreen and through the C-pillars. Pay close attention to these areas, and check the upholstery, too.

13. I-VTEC Engine.

(Intelligent Variable Valve Timing & Lift Electronic Control) is a system developed by Honda which was said to improve the volumetric efficiency of a four-stroke internal combustion engine, resulting in higher performance at high RPM, and lower fuel consumption at low RPM. The VTEC system uses two camshaft profiles and hydraulically selects between profiles.

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