My Top 5 Anger Triggers

It’s been a bit, a lot has been happening.

I’m alive and well by the way but Lets just get down to business.

This is basically a rant on the top 5 things that get me angry in seconds.

I don’t like what I hate, just said to spill it a bit.

1. I hate slow internet

This is top on the list basically because my phone is close to my heart.

When I’m dealing with slow network/internet, I flip at the most frivolous things.

Don’t mind me, I’m emotionally attached to my phone. My conscience keeps disturbing me that its an addiction but I always lie to myself that its not. *laughs.

3. I hate been kept waiting.

It’s not weird neither is it childish. I don’t just hate been kept waiting.

We arranged a meeting by 1pm, I call you 10 minutes to 1pm as regards your wereabout and you’re telling me you’re about to shower.

Like are you Drunk??

You didnt even call to say you’d be late. I’d now look like one dumb ass in one random resturant.

3. I hate people that comment whilst watching TV.

This one was triggered again recently. I was watching one Big brother naija clip on Youtube and the person was just talking.

Like shut the f**k up, we’re trying to listen.

4. I hate it when people post writeups about relationships on whatsapp stories.

I know this would cause a bit of controversy but it’s my opinion and I know it’s subjective.

But all these girls that will be forming shallow feminist on whatsapp, please keep your emotions to your self.

5.I hate it when people steal my whatsapp profile picture.

This one is petty and not that serious sha, but it pains me when people just save it and put it up simultaneously with me.

Bros have small pride and wait till I change my own now.*laughs

And I’m done. How has life been by the way, I’d love to hear from you guys in the comment section.

By the way, Happy Easter in arrears


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