What is infotainment? || A detailed breakdown.

Literary amalgamations have been existing since way back and has crept into the automotive world, too, with one of the latest to crop up being ‘infotainment’.

Traditionally, the only electrical device slotted into your car’s dashboard was nothing more than a radio, a CD player and Air conditioning vents.


However, as our desire for gadgets has increased, car manufacturers have been happy to oblige and provide in-car gadgets. And as these systems have become more all-encompassing and complex, thu provides information to the driver, as well as entertainment. Hence, the term ‘infotainment’ was born.


There are a huge range of functions now controlled by modern infotainment system, including:

-Radio : Satellite navigation (usually an option)

-Bluetooth Connectivity : some will even read text messages to you.

-Audio Player : On disks, MP3, USB or Bluetooth

-Internet Access : enables web browsing for passengers via an in-built Wi-Fi connection, and provides real time traffic updates for navigation systems.

-Reversing Cameras : previously the preserve of luxury cars, these now find their way into superminis. The Range Rover has an array of cameras showing a bird’s-eye view of the car, making manoeuvring in tight spaces even easier.

– Bmw Gesture Control : BMW’s gesture control tech eliminates the need for the driver to operate any dials or buttons for basic functions such as turning up the volume or receiving a phone call.

– Apple Car Play : Enabling the user to wirelessly connect their mobile device to the car and play music.

-Screen Mirroring: Enabling the user to wirelessly connect their mobile device to the car and ‘mirror’ its user interface on the car’s larger touch screen.


As you’d imagine, all these functions could potentially make your dashboard so full of buttons it’d be hard to see out the window.


One of the greatest design challenges in the modern automotive industry is an infotainment system that provides loads of capabilities, but is also easy-to-use and not overly distracting. Touch screens have been leading the way as the favored option.



It’s gradually improving because pretty much every infotainment system is now controlled via a touch-sensitive display in the centre of the dashboard.

New Day, New Knowledge!

Till my next post.


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