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DIY || Changing A Flat Tyre

My first DIY. *Yaaahh. I'm super excited. It's pretty easy to get a grip on. I didn't even learn it, I just followed instincts and was able to change a flat. But for ladies and a few guys who get stranded at a dead end, this is just what you need. STEPS Park away from… Continue reading DIY || Changing A Flat Tyre

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Actionable Ways To Know Your Mercedes.Β 

Funny thing I noticed is that cars produced 7-10 years ago, are the ones people brag with in my city. *talk about survival. Part of the reasons I decided to chase a career in cars was/is my ability to recognize cars with little or no clue even at night. So for a while now it's… Continue reading Actionable Ways To Know Your Mercedes.Β