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DIY || Changing A Flat Tyre

My first DIY. *Yaaahh. I'm super excited. It's pretty easy to get a grip on. I didn't even learn it, I just followed instincts and was able to change a flat. But for ladies and a few guys who get stranded at a dead end, this is just what you need. STEPS Park away from… Continue reading DIY || Changing A Flat Tyre

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My Car Memoirs 

For people like me that do not have personal cars and live in an unubered state, it's always a struggle for we encounter hilarious scenes on rickety commercial vehicles everyday.  So over the years, I have had my fair share and want to let you guys in for we might have experienced it. Firstly, I'm… Continue reading My Car Memoirs 

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How Far Your Car Can Go On Empty 

Knowing  how many miles you can drive on an empty gas tank prevents getting stranded.  Every driver occasionally let's their gas tank get low enough to trigger the low fuel warning light, even though we all know it's best to keep your gas tank 1/4 full, we still let it run low from time to… Continue reading How Far Your Car Can Go On Empty 

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Mastering Your Number Plates. 

When I was young, I had a thing on number plates, I could differentiate a relatives car from the same model parked together.  As at a time, I felt it was coincidental but the only difficulty I faced was knowing the full meanings of the region in which number plates represented.  License or number plates… Continue reading Mastering Your Number Plates.