Why Volkswagen Is Infamous?

Sounds like blasphemy right?   *smiles.  Stay close, I gat this.  One thing I've noticed since I started blogging is that bloggers are automatically placed in a position to make major statements about random stuffs which aren't always retractable. So I'm extra careful whenever I'm about to put out content.  Last week, my blog post… Continue reading Why Volkswagen Is Infamous?

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Car Review || Volkwagen Amarok. 

This is me actually wanting to grow in precision and delivery with my car review articles for I'm a person with short attention span & I understand how frustrating it can be and wouldn't want to bore you. Firstly, I'm barely an SUV fan not to mention a truck but on my way to school… Continue reading Car Review || Volkwagen Amarok. 

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Actionable Ways To Know Your Mercedes. 

Funny thing I noticed is that cars produced 7-10 years ago, are the ones people brag with in my city. *talk about survival. Part of the reasons I decided to chase a career in cars was/is my ability to recognize cars with little or no clue even at night. So for a while now it's… Continue reading Actionable Ways To Know Your Mercedes. 

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How to never run out of blog post ideas. 

Personally, I feel that as a blogger, you should be overly spontaneous, be a creative i.e always buzzing with ideas. So, Do bloggers run out of ideas ?Uhmmm...  Yes we do(sounds like blasphemy right*smiles) but that's the fun part for we have the right to exploit our creative freedom of writing about anything within the… Continue reading How to never run out of blog post ideas.